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website design in scottsdaleWith so many people in the world on smart phones, tablets and e-readers, mobile sites are almost nearly a necessity. A website designed for a regular sized desktop or laptop screen just won’t have the same effect on a tiny, 3-by-2-inch cell phone screen. To top it off, images, graphics and colors need to be downsized and optimized to display correctly in the mobile environment.

Here at Cowgirl Interactive, the premier Scottsdale website design agency, we take inspiration from everywhere. But when it comes to mobile design, the music industry takes the cake. Record labels and artists have done an amazing job adapting to our very digital-leaning society; nearly all music is available via download or streaming on the web and on our phones. And though most artists don’t make the bulk of their money in selling physical CDs or albums anymore, most music available online has artwork – a cover, graphic or photo associated with it. This artwork is designed and optimized with mobile use in mind – and there’s a lot we can learn from it.

Leslie Hahn, president of Scottsdale website design agency Cowgirl Interactive agrees.

“Viewing a website on a mobile screen is a completely difference experience than viewing one on a traditional computer. It’s smaller, harder to discern detail and, overall, just less effective,” Hahn says. “When designing images and graphics for mobile, it’s so important to keep the user-end experience in mind. I think music albums and artwork are a great example of this. Their use of space, contrast and texture really make a difference in mobile viewing.”

When we provide website design in Scottsdale to our clients, we take these notes from music artwork and work them into our mobile designs.

Using Textures

Busy or detailed textures and patterns don’t transfer to mobile well. They’re distracting and often warped-looking, not delivering the true vision you want. Music artwork is great about using very subtle, light textures – ones that won’t distract or cause users to strain their eyes.

Keeping Down the Clutter

Since a mobile screen is so small, images with lots of detail are wasted. Music artwork is great about keeping the clutter down and using color, instead of minute details, for a real effect. When we create a Scottsdale website design for a client, we take this note into consideration, focusing on one important element or subject in the image. This helps the user focus their attention and helps them comprehend the message better.

Incorporating Contrast

Contrast is key in a mobile environment. On such a small screen, you can use tone-on-tone and expect users to be able to read or discern everything on the page; you need to use contrast and colors to make your point known. Music albums are great about this: using a bright color on a white background or pairing two contrasting colors that won’t overpower each other is the way to go in mobile images.


Music albums are always square, right? This is one of the industry’s biggest advantages in the mobile environment. Since most mobile phones feature a square-shaped screen, square artwork and images are almost always going to display correctly to a user. When designing a mobile site, always try to make your graphics a square – this will ensure the user doesn’t have to zoom in or out to view it, thus losing the effect and power of the image.

Want to learn more about mobile website design in Scottsdale? Contact Cowgirl Interactive today.



web design phoenixAs the premier provider of internet marketing and web design in Phoenix, it’s imperative that we at Cowgirl stay on top of industry web and graphic trends. We have to know what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s really working for web users out there, so we can deliver the most cutting-edge, show-stopping designs for our clients.

As part of our research this month, we stumbled on some interesting findings about the use of different colors and tones in web design. We don’t mean whether to use colors versus blacks and white, we mean how colors affect a user: how they make them feel, how they make them act, and what they inspire them to do. When we approach website design for Phoenix companies, color choice is usually subjective. What colors are in the company’s logo? What colors does the client like? This new research sheds light on how colors aren’t just there to look great; use of certain colors can truly make an impact on the success of your website as a whole. You should think long and hard about what colors to use!

Here’s the low-down on some colors and their meanings in web design:

Red – This evokes excitement and passion. It can also read warm, intense or important.

Black – This signifies power. It’s a removed, formal sort-of way of presenting things, and it gives off an unemotional air.

White – This is a sterile color. It feels cold, removed and boring, but it is great for making focal points stand out or for a very sterile subject, such as something in the medical field.

Green – This gives off a natural, earthy feeling and signifies good luck and health.

Blue – This color, in all shades and tones, is highly preferred by men. It gives users a feeling of ease and tranquility.

Yellow – This is a happy, cheery color. It’s great for calls of action, but it’s also very tiring for the eye to look at. Be sure to not overuse yellow.

Other colorful notes:

Younger web users prefer bright or rich colors with high contrasts, while older users tend to prefer looking at darker colors with more subtle contrasts and tones. Older users do not like high-contrast designs.

So let’s take an example. Say we were building a website design for a Phoenix cupcake business – it’s young, it’s hip, and it’s right down the street from the local college. We would want to choose a bright, eye-catching color to use on the navigations and logo – let’s say teal green or aqua blue. This would give off a bright, easy, warm, comfortable feeling that would make them want to eat a yummy treat. Then, since we know younger audiences like high-contrast, perhaps we’d make the site background a pure, stark white, to really make those colors pop.

If we were creating a website design for a Phoenix accounting firm, aimed at an older, more settled demographic, we’d look to deep, dark colors, like navy blue, maroon or dark green for the featured parts of the page. Then, we’d choose a subtle background, such as a faded gray or pale blue – no whites. We’d want something that doesn’t stand out or contrast. As older generations prefer darker tones and their eyes are a bit more weary than those of younger users, we’d definitely avoid yellows and other bright, eye-straining colors.

Want to optimize the colors on your website? Contact Cowgirl, the premier provider of internet marketing, SEO and web design in Phoenix.



What’s important to a customer?web design medical

When you read that question, what’s the first answer that pops into your mind? Excellent customer service, honest dealings, immediate access to the information or item being sought, special treatment, and the list goes on, right? When you design a website, you have to remember that you’re selling something. So, when you’re a doctor or a hospital, for example, your website is selling your medical services. Your patients aren’t just patients; they’re customers. At Cowgirl Interactive, we’re experts in web design & medical web marketing, so let’s take a brief look at what your patient is looking for as a customer, and then delve into translating that to the web.

Excellent Customer Service
We all have different perceptions about excellent customer service. The well-known saying, “The customer is always right” doesn’t hold any salt nowadays simply because it’s a known fact that the customer doesn’t always know everything. They may know what they want or need but don’t have the details about it. This is where excellent customer service comes in. You need to provide answers to their questions, put an image to an idea and give them all the information available. That’s how they will make their buying decision.
In a web design, medical providers would be served best by offering some sort of online chat or forum in which they can ask questions or voice concerns. Show prices, where available, list the insurances you accept and provide a comprehensive menu of services offered at your practice. These are all things the customer has almost no way of knowing on his own. Structure your site in a way that’s easily navigated and understood, and provide ways for your customers to report errors.
Speed and efficiency are of high important to customers. We all lead busy lives and have limited time to sift through the loads of information the internet provides. So help your customer out by streamlining the process for them. Make appointment requests easily accessible from the homepage, and don’t ask for a ton of unnecessary information that they’ll have to provide on a paper form later anyway. They’ll appreciate your respect for their time and the ease with which they were able to connect with you. You can bet they’ll be back again.
Not everyone abides by the old “don’t judge a book by his cover” adage, so in addition to having an easily accessible, fully information website, you need to make sure it looks great too. Is a medical website really the place for flashy graphics and loud colors? Probably not. Are advertisements appropriate on a page in which customers are learning about a potential surgery or affliction they may have? Doubtful. Be mindful of your site’s imagery and graphics. Represent your practice with a smooth, easy-on-the-eye web design. Medical providers are a necessity in most people’s lives, so don’t think you have to grab their attention with shocking photos or graphics. Make them feel comfortable and at ease.
All in all the key to maintaining a really successful website as a medical or healthcare provide is just this: keep the customer satisfied.
Want to learn more about Cowgirl Interactive’s chops in web design & medical web marketing? Call us today!

web design medicalWe have many specialized areas of expertise here at Cowgirl Interactive – ecommerce, fashion, seo and lots more. But the one that we’ve been spending the most time on lately seems to be web design & medical web marketing. We’ve worked on sites for dermatologists, medical groups and plastic surgery clinics – just to name a few. In that time, we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade, and have been able to hone in on some grade-A tips for medical web design.
Let’s take a look at some examples.
Say we have a small dentist’s office and a large city hospital. How does the patient process work for each? True, the larger establishment probably has much more complicated entry system, but the essentials of each remains constant: a patient comes in, he or she is processed (paper work), and then the consultation begins.
A web design (medical focused) functions the same way as the two establishments mentioned above. Website visitors come in, leave information about themselves, and get the “consultation” they are after. The information left in this case could be something like a name, an email address, and perhaps the reason for the visit. But how can a company make their website & design medical information so that they make enough referrals to make the costs incurred worthwhile?
It’s all in the optimization of the site. Put yourself in the patient’s or a site visitor’s shoes. How would they get to your site? What would they be expecting? As leads, how would you convert them?
A patient or visitor hardly comes by your site by accident. There is usually a set mind behind the online search. The point where they click on the link to your website is what you have to concern yourself with. When a patient gets to your website’s landing page, he expects to be informed in less than 3 to 5 seconds. Therefore, having an uncluttered landing page is one key element to keeping a visitor on your site. Next, on the same page, you might want to consider categorizing your services into five or so sections depending on what your medical services are. These sections will have a drop-down list of sub-sections and so on, further narrowing down to specifics like, for example, on a dentist’s site: Surgeries > Root Canals. Provide the information they’re searching for quickly and easily from your landing page.
Moving on from the basic layout, the website design for a medical entity has to build rapport. Offering a spot on your website where visitors can leave comments or suggestions on or having them subscribe to your newsletter will make them feel that their views matter. Following that up with personalized emails makes it even better. Again, keep it simple. No one wants to go through some kind of form asking them for their name, last name, maiden name, telephone number, location, zip code, etc. It’s too cold. Simply ask for their email address and let them start commenting or asking their questions Tell them you’ll read all the comments and answer whatever is necessary. Everyone likes that personal touch.
There’s so much more you can do to keep your patients engaged. The bottom line is that as long as your website allows them to get information quickly and efficiently, there’s a big chance they’ll bookmark your site and refer it to their contacts as well.
Want to learn more about Cowgirl Interactive’s experience in web design & medical web marketing? Schedule a consult today!

Learn about Cowgirl’s specialty in web design & medical interactive marketing.

interactive design agencyPart of our work as an interactive design agency is staying on top of web design and graphic design trends. In order to deliver the highest quality, most effective websites for our roster of clients, we have to be sure we know what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s really working for web browsers out there.

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dallas seo firmToo often businesses going into web development and search engine optimization with the idea that they need to spread their marketing dollars out and focus on EVERYTHING they offer. True, you want customers to take advantage of all your services, but in reality, you know some of your services are more successful than others and some of your services are more in-demand than others. Take advantage of that. As the premier Dallas SEO firm and Dallas web site design company, we at Cowgirl Interactive have learned that in web development, it is ideal to be as specific and narrowed as possible when developing your website, SEO and marketing efforts. This will allow you to find the best, most viable customers and deliver them the products they are truly wanting.

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dallas web site designEveryone has a website nowadays. The average customer is getting more and more web-savvy every day, so you can no longer just slap up a business card site and expect it to bring results. You need to be smart, you need to think smart, and most of all, you need to design smart.

“Your website is your face to the world,” says Leslie Hahn, Dallas web site design expert. “Make it one with a smile.”
It’s so true. Just as you would perfect your smile with an expert (the dentist), you need to perfect your website with an expert. So we’re here to help!

We at Cowgirl Interactive, Dallas web design company, have a few tips to help you design smart.


Take the customer’s approach.

Where would you want the checkout area to be? What colors do you like best? What makes you want to purchase an item or engage in a website?  More than likely, if you don’t like the way something looks or is laid out on your website, your customers won’t either. Peruse the web and analyze where your eyes wander, what parts of sites you notice and what jumps out at you. Consider these when mapping out your website.



We provide Dallas web site design, so the first thing we do before beginning a new project is scope out the competition. What are the Dallas-area competitors for our clients doing on the web? What is their approach? Is it working? How can we make it better? Not only does this give us valuable insight into our client’s industry, but it helps us give them a competitive edge in the local area.


Safeguard your customer’s info

One of the most trying aspects of our digital age is the ease at which identities can be stolen online. As a company, you need to take every precaution to ensure your customer’s private information and financial details are kept secure. This makes you look good and keeps your customers feeling sage. It’s a win-win.


Consider SEO from the beginning

SEO should be a consideration in every step you take in a website build – from the beginning. If you’re providing a Dallas web site design, you should be working in those Dallas-friendly keywords into your site copy, meta titles, meta descriptions and linking procedures. It should figure into your PPC campaign, your marketing efforts and everything in between.


Need more smart web design tips, call Cowgirl Interactive, the premier Dallas web design company. With years of experience, loads of knowledge and a passion for the web, we’d be glad to help you’re website beat out the competition!

Local Search MarketingPay-per-click advertising – or paid local search marketing – is a huge facet of online marketing right now. Local search marketing aims to use geographic keyword terms to locate and draw in customers in your area – not ones across the globe who have no intention of setting foot in your store. So when done right, it can be low-cost, highly effective and a great way to bring in ready and willing local customers.

But, as with any business effort, PPC and local search marketing should not be jumped into unless it’s done so full-force. Your pay-per-click campaign needs to be fully supported with stellar ad copy, perfected keyword terms and, most importantly, downright awesome website copy, because if it’s not, you could be losing out on loads of ready-to-purchase customers, not to mention wasting your hard-earned money.

You can come up with millions of creative options for PPC ad copy that will draw users in, but remember where they’re being taken to when they click those ads – straight to your website. If the page that your ad directs them to isn’t full of useful, pertinent information that addresses your customers’ needs and wants, they’ll just click the back button and find a new company to work with.

It’s absolutely necessary that your landing page is your first and foremost form of advertising. It needs to sell your product or service to your customer, explain to them what it is you offer, how good your product is, and why they need to purchase it.

Essentially, without quality website copy, you’re delivering them a blank greeting card. On the front, there’s a great colorful picture or a funny saying, but on the inside it’s empty. What’s the point of even giving them the card then? You built up the excitement, but failed to deliver. It’s the same with PPC. You have to have SUBSTANCE to support a successful local search marketing campaign.

Once you’ve created a landing page that you’re proud of, one that displays your brand while wholly marketing your services, then you can move on to optimizing your PPC campaign and creating those eye-catching ads. It’s a building block process, with your landing page being the foundation.

Local search marketing and PPC are some of the very best ways to draw in new customers through the web, so don’t put them off. Start getting your website up to snuff so you can begin your own local search marketing campaign. Better yet – look into a company who can help you do it all. Call Cowgirl Interactive marketing agency, experts in local search marketing and website design.

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Want to sell your products or services online, but don’t know anything about ecommerce web site design & development?

The best thing to do is hire a company who does. Cowgirl Interactive, a Dallas ecommerce web design agency, has an impressive track record of ecommerce builds and can help get your business on track.

But first, do some research. Apparently, according to Practical Ecommerce, there are quite a few things that consumers just HATE about ecommerce websites. So before diving into your ecommerce web site design & development, figure out what you want (and don’t want) visually, graphically, and functionally.

The top six things that just rub users the wrong way, according to Practical Ecommerce are:

  • Poor graphic design
  • Hard to locate customer service
  • No way to filter or sort products
  • No search options
  • Required log-ins
  • Typos


A few of these items are obvious; typos are bad and no one wants to buy from an ugly website. But customer service, filtering and searching bring to light a few things you need to decide before delving into your ecommerce web site design & development. Will you have a customer service phone number or help desk? Maybe you’ll just have an e-mail address? Where will you place it?

How will your products be organized? What categories will you use? Will they be searchable?

These are important questions to answer before starting your ecommerce web site design & development. For inspiration, look to sites that are doing e-commerce right. Smashing Magazine released a list of 35 Beautiful E-Commerce Websites last year. It showcases great store front designs, easy navigation, organizational ideas and more.

Also look to your competitors’ websites. Is what they’re doing working? Do you have ideas to make it better? Determine if you want your site to be similar to your competitors, or if you want a unique, out-of-the-box and different approach to your e-commerce stream.

Once you’ve gotten some visual inspiration and have a working idea of how your site should function, it’s time to hire that company to begin your ecommerce web site design & development.

Cowgirl Interactive, a Dallas ecommerce web design agency, can handle your site’s development AND manage your e-commerce stream once the site is launched and live. They’ll help you build the site needed to accomplish your e-commerce goals, and then stick around to make sure you’re seeing the results you want. They’ll make sure your site is safe, secure and successful.

In today’s high-tech world, it’s a necessity to make your services and products available online, so start thinking about ecommerce web site design & development and call Cowgirl Interactive marketing agency now!

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