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dallas ecommerce web designOnline shopping is supposed to make life easier. You don’t have to go to the store or the mall, you can compare prices easily and quickly, and you can make your purchase in a matter of minutes. But what faux pas perpetually make online purchases HARDER on customers? A recent poll found the top 5 “ecommerce gripes” from online shoppers. If your company is considering delving into ecommerce web site design & development – take heed!


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Dallas ecommerce web designThe internet has made shopping quicker, easier and more widely accessible. With just the click of a button, you can search, select and purchase an item and have it shipped directly to you in minutes. This type of booming business is called ecommerce, and for any company nowadays, the capability for ecommerce is a necessity. That’s why for many companies in big cities like Los Angeles, Austin, San Francisco or Dallas, ecommerce web site design & development is a huge goal for this business year.

For us at Cowgirl Interactive in Dallas, ecommerce web design is a huge facet of our business. The need for ecommerce websites is growing at a startling rate, and we’re glad to help out companies across the country get their products and services available for purchase on the web.

We’ve been in the web business so long that we have ecommerce web site design & development down to a science.

The key to our success in Dallas ecommerce web design is a unique balance of research and design savvy-ness. We start with thorough keyword research on the company, and discover who their customers, what they’re searching for and how best to reach them and get them to buy. That research will be the basis for our entire web design plan.

The keywords we determine are best for reaching a company’s customer base will be used in the ecommerce site’s copy, programming and meta information. This ensures that not only is the site targeted correctly, but that it will be found by search engines. If you can’t be found on the web in today’s modern world, your company may as well not exist!

Then, we begin to build the site. During this stage of ecommerce web site design & development, we take into account certain important factors that contribute to users’ buying habits – search functions, an easy checkout process, coupon code usability, credit and debit card security measures, and placement of items and promotions on the web pages. It’s important to take a user-end view of your ecommerce site. What would make you want to buy? What would make you leave the page? Consider all this while building your site. You want it to be as easy as possible for your customers to buy.

If you’re considering delving into ecommerce web site design & development, take these tips into mind. Here at Cowgirl Interactive in Dallas, ecommerce web design is our specialty. We’ve done it for some of the biggest names in the business, so we truly know our stuff!


Want to sell your products or services online, but don’t know anything about ecommerce web site design & development?

The best thing to do is hire a company who does. Cowgirl Interactive, a Dallas ecommerce web design agency, has an impressive track record of ecommerce builds and can help get your business on track.

But first, do some research. Apparently, according to Practical Ecommerce, there are quite a few things that consumers just HATE about ecommerce websites. So before diving into your ecommerce web site design & development, figure out what you want (and don’t want) visually, graphically, and functionally.

The top six things that just rub users the wrong way, according to Practical Ecommerce are:

  • Poor graphic design
  • Hard to locate customer service
  • No way to filter or sort products
  • No search options
  • Required log-ins
  • Typos


A few of these items are obvious; typos are bad and no one wants to buy from an ugly website. But customer service, filtering and searching bring to light a few things you need to decide before delving into your ecommerce web site design & development. Will you have a customer service phone number or help desk? Maybe you’ll just have an e-mail address? Where will you place it?

How will your products be organized? What categories will you use? Will they be searchable?

These are important questions to answer before starting your ecommerce web site design & development. For inspiration, look to sites that are doing e-commerce right. Smashing Magazine released a list of 35 Beautiful E-Commerce Websites last year. It showcases great store front designs, easy navigation, organizational ideas and more.

Also look to your competitors’ websites. Is what they’re doing working? Do you have ideas to make it better? Determine if you want your site to be similar to your competitors, or if you want a unique, out-of-the-box and different approach to your e-commerce stream.

Once you’ve gotten some visual inspiration and have a working idea of how your site should function, it’s time to hire that company to begin your ecommerce web site design & development.

Cowgirl Interactive, a Dallas ecommerce web design agency, can handle your site’s development AND manage your e-commerce stream once the site is launched and live. They’ll help you build the site needed to accomplish your e-commerce goals, and then stick around to make sure you’re seeing the results you want. They’ll make sure your site is safe, secure and successful.

In today’s high-tech world, it’s a necessity to make your services and products available online, so start thinking about ecommerce web site design & development and call Cowgirl Interactive marketing agency now!

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